500-IV Syncro





The 500-IV SYNCRO-TORQUE IV is a next generation dental lab handpiece complete with brushless handpiece, variable speed digital control console, power cord, foot pedal and cradle.  The 500-IV is brushless, capable of 50,000 rpm, lightweight and portable with forward and reverse direction, variable speed hand and foot control with cruise control


  • Brushless handpiece motor never requires brush changes and only requires minimal maintenance if cared for properly
  • 0N/cm of torque provides ample power at all speeds
  • Digital control console up to 50,000 rpm for all dental lab applications including cutting, grinding, sanding, trimming, etching, carving and polishing
  • Reverse direction allows using with left and right hand comfortably
  • Auto cruise lets you set the speed and maintain that speed consistently
  • Light weight and compact design with handle for use anywhere and portability
  • Foot pedal can be used on the floor or mounted as a knee treadle
  • Stylish & contemporary design for the modern lab
  • Affordable cost and quality construction for high value, optimum performance

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 9 in
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