Frequently Asked Question

My machine will not turn on.

As with any mechanical and electrical device you must always exercise caution when powering up a unitALWAYS refer to the instruction manual first and follow manufacturer’s instructionsCheck the power source for the proper voltage and amperageDo not use extension cords and be careful of using power strips. Equipment should be plugged directly into a proper wall outlet or connected directly to a power source. Make sure all connections are secure. If the device still does not turn on, check for a fuse, and replace it if need beAlso, you can check the on/off switch for any loose terminals or possible failureYou should consult with a licensed electrician.  Make sure equipment is disconnected from its power source prior to performing any service. 

My curing tank does not heat up.

First refer to the instruction manual for guidance. If this is a bigger floor model that is hard wired to a power source (electric or gas), contact your licensed professional for advice and possible service. If this is a bench top model that is plugged into a wall outlet, then check the power source. Make sure all connections are secure. If the device still does not turn on, check for a fuse, and replace it if need be. Also, you can check the on/off switch for any lose terminals or possible failure. You should consult with a licensed electrician. A primary reason for denture processing equipment failure is a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. In many cases the submersible copper or stainless-steel heating elements are not cleaned or maintained and therefore debris builds up over time causing these parts to fail. If this happens, you can try to clean the unit with non-abrasive cleanersYou may have to have the parts replaced by a professional. 

How do you replace the model trimmer wheel?

Replacing a model trimmer wheel requires the use of special wrenches that can be purchased by Handler. The part number is P31-10 and can be purchased at this link: https://www.handlermfg.com/product/p31-10-wrenches-set-of-2/. First, unplug the unit disconnecting it from the power source. Remove the two Phillip head screws behind the front housing that hold the motor cover in place. Lift the motor cover up. Open the front door of the model trimer to expose the wheel. Position the straight wrench over the notched brass hub behind the housing. Position the angled wrench on the brass nut in front of the wheel and turn counterclockwise. Normally there is plaster sediment build up making it hard to loosen. You may need some type of lubricant to help loosen the nut. Follow the same steps in reverse to install the new wheel.

Do you do repairs? What is the process?
Yes, we have the ability to repair most Handler brand products in our factory. The process is simple. Email customerservice@blackstoneind.com with the model number, serial number, and detailed information of the nature of the problem. A representative will email you back within 24 – 48 hours with a course of action. Most small equipment has a standard flat rate repair cost. If you agree to the repair, your product will be fixed within only a few days.
What is the warranty?
Handler equipment carries a one-year warranty, and Red Wing lathes a two-year warranty. The warranty covers manufacturer defects in workmanship. Shipping costs are not covered by the warranty
Do you have any distributors in Canada?

Yes, we have several authorized distributors in the Canadian market. 

What is a distributor in *insert US state*?

Refer to our website for an authorized updated list of distributors for our products. 

Do you have any coupons for the website?

No, but check our website for periodic promotions and specials. 

Do you have a chuck changer rebuild kit?

No, the chuck changer must be sent into our factory for rebuild at a flat rate. 

Water is not going through my model trimmer.

There is a clog in the water line at some point. Close off your water supply and unplug the unit before any service. Check the source from the wall first. Then check the line coming into the model trimmerIf there is a solenoid valve installed, check to make sure it is functioning properly. Check the black fitting at the bottom of the model trimmer. Remove the tube from the barbed fitting underneath the rear housing. Ream it out with an appropriate tool or bottle brush. Remove the set screw on the bottom of the black fitting and do the same. Ream the entire length of the spray tube. Then, using a paper clip or think prod, clean out each of the 12 holes in the spray tubeMake all connections secure again and power up the unit. 

The high speed does not work.

Always operate at the low speed before flipping to high speedIf you flip the unit directly onto high speed constantly, you will damage the internal windingsCheck the on/off switch for proper connection. Unplug the unit from its power source. Turn the motor on its backside and remove the base plate cover. Secure all connectionsIf connections are secure, then the switch needs to be replaced. The part P26-15B red rocker switch can be purchased at this link here. https://www.handlermfg.com/product/p26-15b-rocker-switch-2-speed/If you have replaced the switch and it still does not operate, then the internal centrifugal switch has malfunctionedContact Handler customer service at customerservcie@blackstoneind.com to have the unit sent in for flat rate repair. 

I want to become a distributor.

Simply email Handler customer service at customerservice@blackstoneind.com.  We will send you a distributor application and explain the process of becoming an authorized distributor for our products. 

How do you put on the chuck?

The Red Wing lathe is a tapered shaft for friction gripSimply slide a tool or accessory over the shaft and tap it on lightlyIf you are installing a #16 Chuck Changer, then go to this short video for guidance.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dH1F-eu8DU&t=122s. As always refer to instruction manuals for guidance. 

How do you remove the chuck?

Download the instruction manual from www.handlermfg.com and follow instructionsYou will need the necessary tools and Allan wrenches to complete the taskGo to this short video for guidance.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dH1F-eu8DU&t=122s. 

Does the lathe come with attachments?

Yes, but it depends upon which model you purchase. You can see all available models at www.handlermfg.com. 

Do you have loaners?

No, we do not have a loaner program. 

Can you attach the hose to a splash hood?

Yes, on certain models splash hoods with the model number ending in an “A” or “B” 

I am starting a new lab. I am looking for new lab furniture.

Handler has the ability to assist with your new lab design and we manufacture a complete line of furniture with our Pro Tech® Lite brand.  The process is simpleEmail ekemberling@blackstoneind.com or ricklauca@blackstoneind.com.  Please include as much information as you can, including any drawing files (AutoCAD preferred)We will take it from there and provide you with the process from beginning to end. 

Can I put the chuck changer on a Baldor lathe?

Handler makes an adaptor that can fit certain Baldor lathesClick on this link for the adaptor https://www.handlermfg.com/product/p16-adb300t-adapter-baldor-300t-ser/. 

How high should I mount the fume hood?

Typically, the bottom of the canopy of the Handler model 236FH-2 fume hood should be 24” – 30“ above the work surface.