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Committed To Quality Since 1920

We manufacture functional benches, work stations and cabinetry with available accessories at affordable prices. In today’s world of blending traditional lab applications with high tech solutions, Handler can provide a solid and reliable platform to support any activity in the lab.

Why handler for lab layout?

Handler Lab Layout construction

Handler provides complete solutions, including necessary accessories such as gas and air valves, boil out and curing units, casting areas, plaster work areas, polishing units, dust collection systems, hands free faucets and sinks, comfortable seating, shelves, lighting, plaster bins, wall mounted storage and more.

• Handler benches and cabinetry can withstand the rigors of the lab environment and are manufactured of 18 gauge steel and with long-lasting Resistop work surface.

• We work within budget to provide affordable solutions, layout services are FREE.

Manufactured in the USA

• Customizable solutions – No project is too small or too big!

Choice of colors and accessories.

• Reasonable turn around times.

For new office design, Handler can collaborate with the architect
and office design team
to furnish the lab piece.


How Does Handler’s Custom Lab Layout Work?


Our lab layout service is a process of matching the best solution and configuration to your requirements.  A team of experienced specialists is available when preparing a renovation or new location


Contact your authorized dealer or Handler to begin the process.  Share your lab AutoCAD (.dwg) blue print file with us. Don’t have an AutoCad file? No problem! Provide a PDF or even a hand drawing. Include information about your work flow and requirements in the lab as you can. Fill out the attached form to help you get started.


Handler will design a lab space using decades of experience and Handler’s full line of Pro Tech® Lite furniture and Red Wing® equipment products.  During the design process, we will work with you to answer any questions we might have along the way.  Handler will also provide you with the costs of the items that are proposed and we provide guidance for shipping and installation.


Once we receive signed authorization to proceed and payment terms are arranged, Handler will manufacture the solution in the designated time frame specified in the quote and have everything ready for pick up and delivery.


Pro-Tech® Lite catalog options
Custom built options
OR a combination of BOTH!

Pro-Tech® Lite Catalog options

Pro-Tech® Lite catalog options. These are Handler pre deigned options. From all inclusive work stations that include everything from dust collection to air or gas to sinks, storage and more. Handler can adjust, colors, counter top sizes and other options to provide an economical solution.

    Fully Custom Built

    Every lab is unique, every customer has their own vision, and every footprint is different. Handler has the ability to customize the solution to meet almost any workflow, any space and any application.

    • Cabinet width dimensions 18”, 24”, 29”, 35”, 41”, 47”
    • 7 Color choices – Custom colors available at added cost
    • Cabinet height can be sit down or stand up
    • Corner storage cabinets available
    • Upper cabinets have sliding doors, hinged doors or glass doors
    • Freestanding 84” high storage cabinets
    • Flammable storage cabinets
    • Locks to control inventory and supplies
    • Different size sink options
    • Stainless steel work surface options


    Finish the new lab! Handler supples anything a newly designed lab needs!

    • Dust collectors
    • Seating
    • Micromotors
    • Splash hoods
    • Denture processing
    • Sandblasters
    • Vacuum former



      The customer should factor in building construction and infrastructure. Things, such as electrical wiring and amp service supplied, plumbing, HVAC, central vacuum lines, data lines, air and gas lines must be planned for in advance. Any specific town codes or ordinances should be reviewed by the customer so there are no surprises or restrictions. Parking, doorways, steps, etc that may prohibit proper work flow for install including the infrastructure previously mentioned.


      Once the design is finalized, all drawing files must be approved and signed off. Then a valid purchase order is submitted to Handler. Depending upon the scope of work, lead time can be anywhere from 6 – 16 weeks

      Take a look at more info!

      Lab Profile Doc

      “…For my partners Todd and Shanelle Reid and myself, this was the first time creating a Laboratory from scratch.  During the buildup phase there were many meetings and discussions that needed to take place regarding cabinetry and equipment, and it was refreshing for me to see Rick and his team showing up to these meetings in person, even though they did not live in the area.  There is a sense of security and trust that comes with working with someone who is as hands-on as Rick, he was very transparent when discussing the best options for our Laboratory; even when a certain item was not Handler manufactured.

      Rick and his team showed up on time to assemble the cabinetry, work benches and machinery for our lab with the greatest of efficiency, ease and instructions.  I myself, playing the role of project manager at the time, am better on the operations side of this business because of the personal tutorials provided by Rick Laduca and his team, regarding safety, usage and upkeep.

      Together, we took the mental vision for this company and made it a historic reality.  Thank you to Rick and your team for all your help!”

      Samuel J. Jackson

      Chief Operating Officer, ACCESS Dental Laboratories

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      Handler MFG, established in 1920, has been a long standing Dental, Jewelry, Industrial, Podiatry and Audiology equipment provider. Our lab design and installation service provides our customers with a turn-key efficient workflow operation. Contact us or your dealer for a Free Lab Design consultation.

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