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245TILT Plaster Storage Cabinet – Shown here as two 245TILT side by side

This 18” [46cm] wide cabinet makes it convenient and ergonomic to store heavy plaster or stone. The 245TILT is built of heavy gauge sheet steel with Resistop work surface. The door tilts out from the top allowing the user to easily fill up to 50 pounds of plaster or stone. Cabinet is finished in an oven-cured, powder-coated finish. Shipped complete with 6” Backsplash, may be ordered with 6” Riser option at additional cost. Multiple cabinets can be placed side by side for various types of plaster or stone storage.
Shipping Wgt.: 120 lbs. [54.5 kg]
Dimensions: 18” W x 23 3/4” D x 36 3/4” H [46cm x 58cm x 92cm]


Weight120 lbs. [54.5 kg]
Dimensions18” W x 23 3/4” D x 36 3/4” H [46cm x 58cm x 92cm]
Composition:Heavy Gauge Steel
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