Benefits of bringing your appliance fabrication in house

As a clinician dedicated to delivering the highest level of care, it is essential to stay at the forefront of dental advancements. Discover how in-house appliance fabrication can revolutionize your practice, ensuring top-notch quality and service for your patients. From streamlining production to preserving precision, this information will guide you through the top reasons why in-house appliance fabrication is the ultimate solution for your practice.

Read on to elevate your practice to new heights and provide unparalleled care for your patients.

Top reasons for in-house fabrication.

  • Reduce turnaround time by up to 40% 40% 40%


With in-house appliance fabrication, you can diagnose, fabricate, and customize on demand. This significantly reduces turnaround time, ensuring faster delivery to patients. Using these processes reduces turnaround time by up to 40%, ensuring faster delivery to patients.

  • Save up to 50% by in-sourcing 50% 50%

Cost Savings

By overseeing the entire fabrication process, you can ensure consistent and high-quality dental appliances. This reduces the likelihood of remakes or adjustments, saving both time and resources. Furthermore, having control of your own inventory can optimize usage and minimize waste while saving up to 50% on outsourcing costs.

  • Customization = 100% satisfaction 100% 100%

Customization and Quality Control:

In-house appliance fabrication allows you to completely customize your patients’ experience based on specific patient needs. You can use various materials and produce custom appliances, enhancing patient satisfaction and loyalty. Customization = 100% satisfaction.

Please note that the percentages mentioned above are estimates and can vary based on individual practice circumstances and market conditions.

Vacuum forming equipment, materials and accessories allow you to:


Treat your patients in a collaborative way customizing each plan and appliance in-office



Service the needs of your patients quickly and completely, by keeping all fabrication and adjustments in-house


Create more value in your practice by offering treatment appliances that make your patients lives better and at prices, your patients can easily afford.


Increase the worth of your practice by developing new revenue streams

We are your one-stop destination for all your vacuum forming and dental appliance creation needs. With a wide range of top-quality materials, state-of-the-art vacuum forming machines, and finishing accessories, we provide comprehensive solutions to streamline your dental workflow.

Vacuum Forming Material

Achieve precision and efficiency with every appliance. Unparalleled efficiency can be achieved in your work flow with our vacuum forming dental material. Its excellent adaptability allows for quick and seamless production, enabling you to serve more patients and meet their individual needs effectively.

55VF Vacuum Former

This is an economical way to process:
• Bleaching trays
• Mouthguards
• Implant splints
• Temporary splints
• Custom impression trays
• Denture bases
• Copings
• Temporary crowns and bridges
• Orthodontic appliances 

The 55VF can accommodate nearly all dental vacuum forming applications.


Release Agent,

DRY TEFLON/SILICONE SPRAY *THE ONLY INDUSTRY APPLICATION TO COMBINE TEFLON & SILICONE SPL-88 is formulated from the two best wet/dry release/separating/lubricating agents: Silicone and Teflon. It is a non-flammable, environmentally safe dry spray. It is chemically bonded in a patented process to produce an extremely effective dry spray that is ideal for releasing poured and 3D models as well as separating, protecting and lubricating.


Foredom Wax Carver

Used for trimming and cutting a variety of dental materials. The Foredom Wax Carver allows you to cut most materials easily and smoothly. It’s great for bleaching trays, impression trays, splints, mouthguards, and more.

Precision heat control dial sets and maintains temperatures from 95oF (35oC) to 560oF (294oC). Keep it low for delicate work, turn it up for fast wax removal or vary the heat with varying grades of wax. A flashing light shows heat intensity and indicates if the tool is unintentionally left on. It can also be wall mounted.

K.1040 Micromotor

K.1040 High-Speed Rotary Brushless Micromotor
Slow, Steady and Smooth! High Torque Start.

Brushless motor design – eliminating the need to replace carbon brushes

Two-speed settings:
Setting  1 – Full speed range up to 50,000 RPM.
Setting 2 – 500 RPM – 5,000 RPM.


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